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Casino gambling has grown in popularity over the years, with poker and slots being of huge demand.

Casino gambling has grown in popularity over the years, with poker and slots being of huge demand.

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4 Sneaky Ways To Cheat At Slots


Luck is the one factor that keeps running in the casinos to help players take home all the money from casinos. Although some games are also based on skills, most sessions are driven by luck. It is this serendipity that makes these games fun, drawing more people to casinos. Hundreds of variants have been developed over the years to fill every corner of the establishments with entertainment. Regardless of the degree of fun all the games offer, slots have been the most popular option because the machines are easy to operate. These machines are equally popular for the opportunities they offer and the stakes they project. In order to elude these hampers and ensure a win, many gamblers rely on methods to cheat the system. Here are some of the sneaky tricks used by some players to beat the casino.

1. Cheat Code

Casino authorities work day in and day out to look out for cheaters. The local administrative teams are also functioning to foster a fair game. While engineers design the machines to deliver the best technical assistance, people with expertise in these areas hatch devious plans to take control over the machine. Manipulating slot games was easy for these engineering prodigies. Machines were being cheated for years by Ronald Dale Harris by gathering the source codes. The scam was discovered in 1995.


2. Shaved Coins and Fake Coins

Payments were registered using a light sensor in slot machines to avoid scams. However, this technology didn’t work for long as many players tried their wits on the machine. Shaved coins were sent down along with objects of the coin’s shape and size. Once this was accomplished, the shaved coin would return while the machines accepted the other object like a coin to start the game. Louis Colavecchio scammed casinos for a number of years using fake coins that resembled the coins molded by the casinos. However, he was arrested twice for the same crime.

3. Use of Magnets

One of the most common methods of cheating a slot machine is using a magnet. Almost every slot player might be aware of the existence of such a technique. However, modern-day machines cannot be manipulated using magnets since they run on computer programs. Machines made from metal could be cheated using magnets even today. Using a strong magnet after spinning the reels to stop the motion for a winning combination was the whole idea behind this technique. Although this was one of the most easily noticeable cheats, if the players are highly dexterous, they can pull it off easily.

4. Yo-Yo

Like the magnetic technique, this is also obsolete today because of the advancement of technology. Players used to insert coins attached to a string only to pull it out once the machine triggered the game. It used to be one of the classic slot cheats, and it will forever be remembered.

Understanding the Game of Blackjack

Understanding the Game of Blackjack

The game of Blackjack is an important one that keeps people interested till the very end. As a popular game, it has always managed to bring in the right crowd and help them get used to an experience of a lifetime. But things will not be the same for those who don’t know how to play the game because they will be confused about everything. So to help these guys out, here’s how you play Blackjack.

Understanding the Game of Blackjack

The Chips

Buying chips is a requirement to play Blackjack, and most casinos will not let you play with cash plays and other kinds of arrangements. So to get started, you have to exchange your money for chips and let the dealer know about the amount of chips that you wish to buy. Upon doing so, you can proceed to the table and begin the game of Blackjack.


Placing a bet in the betting circle is like adding fuel to a car because you won’t be able to start the game or a car without either of these. So look into the betting limits and then place a bet based on the minimum requirement. While the table also has signs for the maximum bet, as a beginner, you need to be worried about that because huge bets are not what one should start with.


The Dealer and Players

Once you’re done placing your bets, the dealer will move around the table in a clockwise manner and then begin to deal with all the players. One card face up for the players and one card face down for the dealer is the usual manner in which it gets started. After that, the dealer will repeat the same process again until players have two cards, and the dealer also has two cards.

Understanding the Game of Blackjack

The Hand (Player & Dealer)

Adding the card values together will help you get a total from anywhere between 4 to 21. In case you’re dealt a ten-value card and an Ace, you have got a Blackjack. But if you haven’t received it and if your dealer hasn’t received it, then you have neither won nor lost. This position is called a “push,” and the dealer will also point towards every player and wait for you to play your hand. By using the right hand signal, you will have to make your move and end up making the most of it.

For this purpose, there are about five ways to play the hand, and you need to explore more about the same. By doing so, you will get a hold of things and move into the scene of Blackjack. So understand these moves and then make it count because Blackjack is one game you have to try.

4 Must Build Career in the Casino

4 Must Build Career in the Casino

Casino gambling is not only all glitz and glam but a great way to make money too. No, not just by gambling but by working there. Considering America, gambling is a big market. One can find more than 465 casinos. It is an industry that provides revenue for the government to hike up the profit. Being a large industry and market, the casino also paves the way for many job opportunities for the people. We will see some of the best jobs one can find in the casino. If you are looking forward to work in a casino, this post is going to helps you out. The casino jobs are distinguished into various sub-sections like Casino Floor Employees, Back of House & Management, and Casino Game Dealers. In this post, we will discuss casino floor employees.

4 Must Build Career in the Casino

1. Casino Cashier

Even though casino dealers are the most recognized people at many casinos, the next level goes to the casino cashier. The one who pays the gamblers. Casino cashier can be both cage and booth cashier. Even though it is not as glam as the other jobs mentioned on the list, it is definitely a job that needs concentration and a good hand while handling cash. Also, this is the recommended position if you are starting to set up your career in the casino platform. This job need uniform and must be very professional. They must know the casino house and how it works in each game to pay the customers.

2. Floor Staff

The second job you can take up is to become a Floor Staff. Floor staff can be anyone, from cleaners to the bartenders and securities, the floor staff’s job profile varies.  However, some people love to give the best customer experience; they are the ones who are fit for the position. Some of the features a floor staff must inherit are; self-discipline, a strong work ethic, stamina, and taking up the menial task and complete it.

3. Security Guard

The next job profile, we will be discussing one of the tedious and most tiring jobs in the casino. It is none other than the job profile of a security guard. Wherever there is a chance of money involved, you will see high securities. This case is no different when it comes to casino gaming. The work role of casino security comprises of working closely with the surveillance team, security services, patrol the casino floor.

4. Slot Attendant

Slot Attendants are the ones who work closely with the casino guests in the casino house. The main job role of the slot attend is that you will be provided with each set of slots to work with. Some of the key job roles are;

  1. Looking out for guest safety and comfort
  2. Checking out the proper functioning of the machines
  3. Handling the small-scale comps to loyal players


The above given are some of the jobs found in casino. If you are looking to build your career in the casino industry, don’t think too much. Instead, check out the books and resources that will help you to transform and tailor to the best job suitable for you.

Top 3 Best Paid Casino Jobs You Must Know

Top 3 Best Paid Casino Jobs You Must Know

A casino is a place where you see a lot of punters as well as various games played in the utmost fun and entertainment. If you are a person who is tired of playing like a gambler but is looking for a platform to study more and work in a casino, this post is going to help you more. It is not news that the casino makes enough and more than enough money to support the government. Not only that, but the casino also offers some of the best jobs for those who love the tinkling and shimmery environment of a casino. Without creating any further ado, let us dive right into the article.

Director of Operations

The first post you can apply is none other than the director of operations. One must know that this post is the most responsible casino job one can ever find in the casino. The director of operations will deal with everything and anything that takes place in the casino gambling space. Some of the operational platforms the employee must deal with are;
1. Live dealer casinos
2. Tournaments
3. Supervising casino personnel
4. Overseeing casino operations
5. Business strategies

Top 3 Best Paid Casino Jobs You Must Know

Shift Manager

The next high paid job in the casino house is shift manager. As a shift manager, you will be exposed to many responsibilities and roles. Unlike the director of operations, this role is dedicated only to the gaming floor. Some of the basic duties you will have to take up are;
1. Check whether the best service is offered to the customers
2. Supervise personnel on the gaming floor
3. Ensuring casino policies are met on the gaming floor

Security Manager

One of the tedious jobs in the casino is becoming a security manager. All kind of securities falls under this category. The employer must be trustworthy and should be available at any time of the day. Some of the basic work a security manager has to take up is;
1. Supervising security personnel
2. Makes sure gaming floor is safe
3. Protecting the casino property

Another fact, as mentioned by various studies, is that the security managers receive about $63,000 a year. If you are planning to become one, check out the vacancies in the nearby casinos and apply.

Wrapping it up

The above given are three of the top-notch jobs n a casino who are paid well. If you are looking for a career in any three of these jobs, don’t be hesitant. Instead, study and earn the title. There are enough courses offered by many colleges. Keep an eye on the qualifications before heading to the casino for the job vacancy. If you don’t get a job at a nearby casino, don’t worry, there are plenty of casinos present where you can try.

Casino Jobs That You Can Apply For

Casino Jobs That You Can Apply For

A simple look through a casino’s web page will give you an idea about the many openings that they have at the moment. But apart from that, you might not be able to receive other kinds of information because the website will only talk about openings. So to get a complete view of these jobs, you need to get hold of an article like the following. Hence, keep reading to know about casino jobs that you can apply for.

Casino Jobs That You Can Apply For


One of the most important jobs at a casino has to be that of a dealer, and everyone is on the lookout to apply for the same. But what are the requirements for this role? Well, applying for the dealer’s position is relatively easy, and most casinos will take you in. But you will also have to follow their aspect of house-training and understand the job with ease. If you are talented to define the role, then casinos will be glad about taking you along.

But these aspects also depend upon the casino since a few of them only accept applications from experienced dealers. Hence, go through the website and other essential sources to know more.

Casino Jobs That You Can Apply For

Pit Boss

Apart from a dealer, a pit boss is another job that people aim for. But it is not quite easy to land yourself at this position because there are a few requirements you have to fill. A pit boss monitors the entire casino floor and keeps an eye on things that are happening. As the term boss is also a part of the picture, the nature of responsibility lies on one’s shoulder is immense, and you need to understand the same. Due to that, casinos will put these individuals through different kinds of training sessions and help them develop the right type of skills.

While qualification is not something they look into, they will ensure that the individual can handle all the responsibility. As a result, it is not easy to get hold of this position, but it is also not impossible.

Casino Jobs That You Can Apply For

Front Desk Receptionist

Customer service has always been an essential part of the casino business, and they go beyond ways to produce results. Due to that, the role of a receptionist and other related jobs are open, and anyone can apply for the same. The ability to operate things at a fast pace, essential methods of communication, and other requirements are a few of the major aspects that casinos look into while hiring an individual for this job.

So if you believe you have it all, you can go ahead to try to fill this position and enjoy a salary of up to $20,000 a year. Hence, look into it and do all that matters.

A Guide to Deal a Blackjack Game for Dealers

A Guide to Deal a Blackjack Game for Dealers

If you have ever visited a casino, you have noticed a rush in one of the peculiar tables where many friends gamble this table is the blackjack table. Ever since the game was introduced, ever since then, the players have found immense pleasure in playing blackjack and gaining few wins. You might be a person who might have played blackjack before. If not, there are enough rule books present across online to help you more. This post is specifically dedicated to the blackjack dealers who take up their career as the dealer. So, dealers! Read the following post to figure out how to deal with blackjack game and cards. Without creating any further dialogues, let us hit the casino house and figure out how shall we?

A Guide to Deal a Blackjack Game for Dealers

Basics for players and dealers

The first criteria we will be discussing are about the blackjack basics you may or may not know. Those who don’t know, the rules and the way blackjack is played are very simple. Dealers and gamblers must make sure to score near to 21 at all cost. Those who score digits near to 21 win. There is hold to the game. Unlike the other card games, blackjack is played competing between player and dealers. So, as a dealer, the rules are the same, but you must know the value of the cards if you are looking for a win. The jack, queen and king consist of 10 points, and those cards from 2 to 10 are their face values. However, Ace has got two points, either 1 or 11. This value is based upon how the card is played in the game.

Things to remember while playing and dealing with cards

Since now you know the basic rules and dealing of cards, we will now see how the dealing is actually done. When you deal the cards among the player, don’t be eager to play. Instead, wait for various things you need to meet. They are shuffling properly and distribute among the other players. If the players are more, you can take two decks and shuffle. Once this part is done, you move on the crucial steps, and they are;

  1. Making sure the best is played accurately.
  2. Making sure about the strategic cards are on the table

A Guide to Deal a Blackjack Game for Dealers

Dealing cards for players

You pay blackjack by playing the cards facing down. You start by dealing with the player who is sitting left to you. So, the circulation will be from left to right players. As soon as the last player deals, it is your time to deal with the card. Once that is met, you distribute one card to every player. This card will be facing up. Now it is time to play the final card. Here, you face the face-down card to know whether you win the black or not. The game goes on playing with players and then again returns to the dealer.


If you are a person who is looking for a career change to become a dealer, we hope this post has helped you in some way. If you are a beginner who has no idea about what blackjack is, we recommend you too read the above-given paragraph until it is thorough.

4 Do’s & Don’ts Tips on How to Win at Slot

Casino games have been creating a wave all across the globe through the brick-and-mortar and online structures that set up the perfect gambling space. The widespread love for casino gambling has only been sprawling with time, and slots have invariably been on the top. This immense love and acceptance can be attributed only to the simple nature of the game. Even beginners can try their luck at this game without having to learn much about it. One of the greatest advantages of slots over every other casino game is this less complex gameplay, almost easily learned by everyone.

However, winning at it isn’t as easy as pushing the button each time. The random combinations do not work in any player’s favor, so you can only hope for the best each time you set the reels spinning. Since it is all a matter of chance, you must wait for what is to come. But you can take some strategic steps into winning at slots. Here are a few tips on how you must and shouldn’t play slots to win.

1. Go for the Higher Denomination Slots

Slots have been paying out reasonably acceptable standards, and the percentage only increases when the denomination is higher. Dollar slots can have bigger payouts than the penny slots, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to be a high roller. When considering all the factors, dollar slots can provide you with a great experience but high risk. Playing such games is recommended only to those players who are ready to risk their money. Higher denomination slots aren’t for everyone.Slots

2. Bet for the Jackpots

A percentage of the bets you place on the slot machine is added to the jackpot. Betting maximum coins will make you eligible for the jackpot sessions. If you bet less than two or three coins, chances for you to land on a jackpot through the progressive slots are low. Make sure you never settle for a game that pays you small amounts. Choosing a non-progressive game would be wiser if you cannot afford the other bets.

3. Choose the Right Game for You

Slot machines are of different types, including video slots and progressive slots. You must select a game depending on your taste and playing ability. Bonuses can be withdrawn if you reach a certain point in the game, which would be possible when you are playing a session that is right for you. As you select a game from a wide range of options, you must look for the highest value and the hook factor. Try to choose games that have jackpot chances with lower requirements.

4. Play Within Your Budget

Make it a point not to cross the limit you have set for your casino gambling night expenses. Keep playing only for as long as you can afford it, and don’t hesitate to lower your bet or quit if you have hit the limit.

Things That Casinos Don’t Want You To Know.


The casino business revolves around numerous aspects of functionality that keep the business going. Thanks to its vast set of resources, these aspects stand to be complete, and they end up hitting people with various opportunities. But while doing so, they also try to cover up certain things because casinos don’t want you to know everything. So, are you wondering what these things are? Well, if the answer is yes, then go ahead and find out all about it.

Dealers and Mistakes

Human errors are quite common, and we all end up making a mistake at different intervals of time. Like us, dealers also make mistakes, and casinos don’t want you to know that or be aware that they are prone to make mistakes. While dealers are experts and do know how to handle things, mistakes are human errors, and it appears through time. So regardless of whatever you hear, you need to know that dealers make mistakes.

Casinos and Security

At times we might believe that it is hard for casinos to monitor our actions because there are more than a hundred people at a casino. But that is not true since casinos have all the tools to carry forward the process. Surveillance is an integral part of casino security, and they take it forward with live footage and various other types of methods. So visiting a casino with the view to cheat or perform such related activities is something that you should never do nor even think about doing.


Not All Games Are Equal

A look at the house edge for each game will give you a clear understanding of why all games are not made equal. The house edge varies for slots, blackjack, and poker, and it is designed in such a manner that the house always wins. So games are not all equal, and you need to understand the same because it affects your gameplay to a considerable extent.

Card Counting and Its Legality

For a long time, we were made to believe that card counting is illegal, and players should stay away from the same. But such claims are not true because card counting is legal, and it only becomes a problem when you use devices for the same. Yes, that’s right. If you are going to count cards by using external devices, then casinos are not going to be happy, and they will come down on you heavily.


Understanding these points will give you an idea of how the casino business is carried and why they don’t want you to know these secrets. So look into it and have a good time gambling at the casino.

The Functions of Casino Surveillance

Casino Surveillance

The importance of security is well understood when you bring the term closer to a casino. Considering the kind of activities and the number of people present in a casino at the same, they do require surveillance, and it needs to be carried in the right manner. But how do casinos take things forward, and what are the methods that they employ? Well, the functions of casino surveillance explain it all, and you can understand the same by reading the following.

Monitoring the Casino Floor

One among the most obvious functions of casino surveillance is to monitor the entire floor and keep an eye on things. This is known as the chief duty of a gaming surveillance officer, and they need to carry it forward at all costs. For this purpose, they utilize audio and video equipment that help them monitor gamblers, employees, and their actions. Since it helps one identify problems and other related aspects, this particular part of the job is quite important, and we all need to understand that.


Looking Out for Potential Cheaters

Cheaters are all around the corner, and casinos are well aware of their presence. Due to that, the aspect of surveillance is carried forward with the primary intention of identifying cheaters, which in turn is carried on the basis of identifying their methods. Be it chip dumping or dice sliding, there are several ways to take things forward, and the management will be looking for such players since they are never welcomed at any casino.

Security for Cashier’s Cage

Apart from the floor, the cashier’s cage also requires security, and it is the job of surveillance to take things forward. In order to process the same, surveillance footage will be used, and perpetrators will be identified. While the process does sound simple, it revolves around different methods, and the task needs to be given utmost importance. Due to that, surveillance is not an easy job, and anyone coming forward thinking that it is easy is out of their mind.

Identifying Advantage Players

Advantage gamblers are certain players who hold an edge over the house in one or more games. Be it Blackjack or Roulette; these players understand the trick and do the job that matters to them. Due to that, casinos are not happy with these players, and they do have the right to refuse service. Thanks to that, the surveillance team will also be on the lookout for advantage players, and the moment they spot them, they might alert security to take them out of the premises.

Gambling Secrets Revealed By Casino Workers

Gambling Secrets

The world of gambling is an interesting one that fetches massive amounts of revenue and helps the industry carry on to reach greater heights of success. While the operations and various other aspects are all legal, there are a few secrets that casinos don’t want you to know. But since a few casino workers have come forward to reveal it, you need to check it out and understand what the gambling house is hiding.


Cops Are All Around the Place

Gambling establishments try to project an image of comfort and luxury as they lure you in to gamble and play numerous games. But scenarios of violence are also present, and the management will have to step in to handle these situations. Since the management cannot do it all alone, certain casinos are known to have undercover cops to do the dirty work. Yes, that’s right. There are tons of undercover cops walking around casinos pretending to be players. So be careful when you visit a casino and, more importantly, be a good kid.

Different Slot Machines

Casinos are filled with slot machines that tend to look identical, and thus people don’t really believe they are not. But in reality, slot machines are different and are just made to look the same. These are not identical, and certain aspects of differences tend to widen the gap between them. Added with the intention of alluring unassuming players into the mix, these machines move ahead to do the trick, and you might also spend more than what you have earned.

Design Specs and Classic Tricks

As we mentioned earlier, aesthetics and luxury play a massive role at a casino, and they are also effectively used to allure you into the casino and keep there for a long time. Be it the games or their placement; things are always aligned to keep you gambling without having to think about the outside world. Such aspects are completed with a few tricks, and a few of those include not having clocks and designing windowless walls. As a result, you are convinced to stay within the premises and gamble according to their plan.


The Winner Grabs All the Attention

Winning is a part of gambling, and the moment you win, casinos will be looking at you. Yes, you heard it right. If you happen to win a considerable sum of money, then the casino’s management will observe you to understand whether things were done in a legitimate way. If they find something suspicious, you can expect them to show up and ask all kinds of questions based on the footage they have monitored. So be careful while gambling and don’t even think about cheating.